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English language phonetics

Phonetics 5.32 © Sandro Carnevali - 2007
Program for Ipa phonetic transcription of English language.

The transcription for English language, whose pronunciation is often unpredictable from the written form, is supposed to be just a draft to be corrected by hand,
for a different program, using a database of English Words, see the external link PhoTransEdit - Phonetic Transcription Editor.

The program, depending on the setting in Instruments > Transcription Options", does:

Keyboard 2.11 © Sandro Carnevali - 2007
The program creates a virtuale keyboard to easily write English words in phonetic transcription.
Choose the keyboard form the menu "Phnetics > English"

The program is installed with Phonetics or may be installed alone.

Keyboard 2.11

Copyright © 2007-2009 Sandro Carnevali