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Program for typing foreign or other peculiar characters with virtual keyboards.

Keyboard 3.00 - © Sandro Carnevali - 2008
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Download (1.012 KB)
The program is freeware for personal use.
Windows Vista and Windows 7 Version: simply unzip the file and call Keyboard.exe.

Download (1.721 KB)
Installation program. Doesn't work with Windows Vista and Windows 7.
Download (206 KB)
Update for previous versions. Unzip in the same folder of the old version.

For most keyboards it is necessary an Unicode Font, as "Arial Unicode MS" or "Lucida Sans Unicode", "MS Mincho", "Tahoma". Depending on the installed font some keyboards may be not correctly working.
The installed font you want use has to be set in the menu Instruments > Configuration > Keyboard Font.
Some keyboards use a specific font, not always Unicode. These keyboards just need the installation of their specific font.

You can choose one of the several virtual keyboards supplied in the menus and use it with the mouse.

You may save the transcribed text on a rtf file (in the menu File > Save Rtf file), readable and modifiable also with Word or other word processors.

To copy the text on Word or other word processors:

  1. select the text with the mouse;
  2. click on the menu Edit > Copy (or type CTRL-C);
  3. paste the text on Word;
  4. select with the mouse the text pasted on Word and choose the same font.

Virtual Keyboards supplied:

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